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Would you believe six out of ten Americans couldn't cover a $500 unexpected expense? According to a new report from Bankrate only 41% of adults state they have enough in savings to cover an unforeseen expense of $500 or $1,000.*


If already unable to cover an unforeseen expense of $500, imagine the impact a death or disability of a wage earner in the family would have on the ability to keep a loan current. When borrowers choose to purchase credit insurance, the benefits are designed to pay off or reduce their loan in the event of a covered death or disability. Learn more about credit insurance and how it may help you.

Learn how Credit Insurance can help you.

*Vasel,Kathryn, 6 in 10 Americans don't have $500 in savings, January 12, 2017. Retrieved from http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/12/pf/americans-lack-of-savings/ on February 1, 2017.

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